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by Release Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


Hide details for IMAPIMAP
TPON7Q2BJVFixes issue where the Domino IMAP server corrupts attachments when there are two "MIME-Version: 1.0" headers in the MIME stream.
Hide details for InstallInstall
MMGO8WG68FFixed an issue that would cause an unexpected popup dialog to appear at the end of uninstallation: "Unexpected results have occurred during the...
TMDS8N9UCTFixes issue where the operating system restarts while SURunAS is upgrading the Lotus Notes Client. This is a regression in 8.5.3.
Hide details for Install/Setup/RegistrationInstall/Setup/Registration
MLUR6K2CQEInstallation of the hotfix/fixpack could not proceed if the ndgts.dll file is locked by another process. This problem is intermittent (depends on...
GDER83UETRFixes issue where SendTo -> Mail Recipient does not function on 64-bit OS with 32-bit Notes Multi User Install
Hide details for InteroperabilityInteroperability
DALY8WXKWBFixes issue where tabbed tables created in the Notes client do not display well in Connections Mail.
KMOA8VMARKFixes an issue specific to IE and Safari where filenames with special characters and some international encodings can appear garbled when...
VSEN8WCQBH Fixes exception that occurs in Connections Mail when displaying messages created using personal stationary.
Hide details for JavaJava
HOKA8RZ5KL Fixes issue in Xpages where the correct date (or time) won't show on date time picker. This is a regression in 8.5.3.
XYGU8MZFF3Fixes Domino server hang on Cmovmem. This is a regression in 8.5.2
ZKCO8NLDDAFixes Domino Server crash with error message "PANIC: semaphore invalid or not allocated" in OSUnlockSem.
KLYH8Z3Q37JVM update, addressing the security vulnerabilities documented in IBM Reference doc #1616652: "Security Bulletin: IBM Lotus Notes & Domino affected...
Hide details for LotusScriptLotusScript
ANIA8J4FFUFixes Notes Client Crashes With Lssisam::popframe
ASHH8P55R9Fixed an issue to allow Notesuiworkspace.viewrebuild function again in non-mail databases. This was a regression introduced in Notes...
PCHE8QLKPTCompanion fix to SPR EFEN8MJJCY also fixed in this release.
Hide details for LS Data ObjectLS Data Object
RDJS8W6QYEThis is a companion fix to EFEN8MJJCY also fixed in this release.
EFEN8MJJCYFixed an issue that would occur on 64-bit Domino platforms running an agent that integrated with C code. Prior to this fix, extra padding was added...
Hide details for MailMail
BSTS8AELJWFixes issue that shows an equal sign "=" next to attachments in emails if an additional mime line break "=" is present. The Router Task will now...
MOSI8SEQA5Fixes issue where an iNotes user is not prompted to login after session expiration.
PCHE8LFMGHFixes issue where the Out Of Office Service is causing the OOO profile document to get corrupted when the notified field grows over...
HSKM8JK7B8Fixes a specific issue where an email is not sent if automatic spell check is enabled and there is no spelling error.
DSTT8P6QR6Fixes occasional iNotes server crash which presents Error Message = PANIC: LookupHandle: handle not allocated


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